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Good News

Dad is doing okay. His two strokes were considered mini-strokes and did not show up as having caused major damage (according to the CAT scan). I spoke with my dad on the phone and he shared his perspective on what is going on with his health:

Strokes and heart disease (he had a five-way bypass this summer) are the natural consequences of a lifetime of not eating well or taking care of ourselves.

Okay, so this is obvious, right? But it hit me, YES, this is why I am doing Weight Watchers and trying to exercise more. This is why I have as one of my goals for this sabbatical year learning how to create and sustain a balanced and healthy life. Because at 43 I do not have any more time left to ignore or injure my health by always choosing to serve other’s needs before my own. One day there’s payback, as Dad is finding out. And he is, to his credit, working hard to try to be healthy (ever since his surgery). He is a good patient. But he’s right that years of not making the best choices do have consequences. Let’s hope he will be able to mitigate those effects somewhat through the changes he’s made ths year!

Meanwhile, I’ve lost 12.4 pounds, halfway to goal weight. I feel very good about gaining more control over my health, making better choices. And I am thinking a lot lately about how to sustain a healthy body. If folks have suggestions on that task, I’d love to hear!

And for those of you who might be struggling with weight issues, my sympathies. It’s very difficult sometimes to counteract what we’ve done in the past and forge a new path. For me, it’s been a real eye-opener to watch both of my parents experience health issues in the last year. For me, seeing this helps me to learn from them and to do what I can NOW to live a long, healthy life. But whatever motivates you, do it!

On another note, I hope to post on the latest developments in my Peru trip saga by Monday. Waiting to hear some big news and hoping and praying for someone else whose health is in jeopardy. When it rains, it pours, eh?

4 Responses

  1. I’m glad everything is ok with your Dad and congratulations on the weight loss.

  2. Thanks! Yes, I’m relieved Dad is doing better than feared.

  3. Good news regarding your father. I hope he continues to do well. And congratulations, too, on your weight loss. It certainly becomes a challenge as we get older…At 44, I find I must work twice as hard for half the results. One thing that has been working for me, though… I only allow myself to watch TV if I am also exercising. No crunches, no Grey’s Anatomy. Not only do I get a workout but I feel less guilty about indulging in all those empty mental calories.

  4. Thanks, Cigi. Yes, combining exercise and tv is a great idea. Right now I’m trying to make a place for our tv in the basement (and out of the bedroom!) There’d be more room to exercise there, too.

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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