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New Year’s Resolution 2008: Throwing out the Trash

“Crumple it up and throw it in the trash.” A wise friend recently explained that this is what her pastor did with an anonymous note nitpicking the writing on a church bulletin, and she has taken the idea and run with it. And really, if a complaintant does not have the courage to face us directly and engage in meaningful dialogue, why should those people get equal time with the things that really DO matter in our lives?

This year I resolve to crumple up and throw away those little worries that make me anxious and unhappy, the things I imagine people might feel or think about me, and the hearsay I am told about me, and the speculation about what people might do or think next. I’ve listened long enough.

I am too old to be worrying so much about what people think of me or seeking their approval. While I do think that I am getting better on this front, I hope to make 2008 a turning point in this regard. It’s time to realize that I am basically doing pretty well, that I try to be a good person and I’m learning and growing all of the time, that I do not need to be perfect, and that anyone who is not willing to give me the benefit of the doubt does not deserve my time and energy.

So I’m going to crumple up those worries and toss ’em in the trash. I wonder what will fill the halls of my mind instead? I hope lots of interesting ideas, a little more fun and humor, and a kindness towards myself that will enable me to relax a bit more in 2008.

Oh, and after I return from Peru, I also intend to do a little actual housecleaning for real. I want to take stock better of what I’ve got in the attic and basement and that hall closet I never open. What items are we burdening ourselves with? How can we put these to use better for ourselves or others? I hear freecyle is a great way to get rid of stuff one doesn’t want. Perhaps I’ll try it. Perhaps I’ll have a big yard sale in the spring when the weather is nice. We shall see. But if ever there were a good year to toss things out — real and imagined — it’s 2008. 🙂

What are your New Year’s Resolutions??

6 Responses

  1. Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year! And you’re right, sometimes we need to learn to lay down our worries and just live. I’m sure we’ll enjoy our journey more when we travel light. Have a great trip to Peru and a rewarding 2008!

  2. Good resolution. One resolution I have for the new year is to be more organized at work and at home. In other words, I need to actually use the Planner I have.

  3. And just like all the “old” ladies told me when I was young, your 40s are great because you are old enough to like yourself and/or wise enough not to care what others think. Embrace it. My goodness, Di, you have so much to recommend yourself, there is certainly no need for the doubt! My best to you on your resolution. 🙂 CS

  4. Arti, Happy New Year to you and yours, too! Traveling light — a good motto 🙂

    Strugglingwriter — yup, organization…kinda hard to get started sometimes on that front, but maybe one thing at a time can get organized, huh…? Good luck and happy New Year to you, too!!

    Carrie — hey, lady! Thanks for coming back and saying howdy-do. I’m sure hopin’ my 40s will be as you describe. I certainly seem to be moving towards that. Hey, loved your Christmas picture. My, how the kids have grown up!!!

  5. I too love “throwing out the trash”. I learned a few years ago New Year’s Day is great for that. Time to let go of all the “garbage” and breathe a breath of fresh air into my life. Good for you for taking it to heart. It makes things so much better when we start getting pickier about who and what influences us.

  6. Thanks for the encouragement, ladybeams! Glad to know others feel the same way 🙂

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