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Headed to Peru in 5 hours: Please Stay Tuned!

Yes, I should be sleeping, but I’m writing instead. Just a quick post to say I’m headed down to Peru tomorrow. I am told that we will have access to internet maybe three or four times in the coming seventeen days, so I hope to post a few times before I return on Jan. 20.

Meanwhile, my family and I have almost finished reading The Hobbit, and I had to laugh (with the relevance once more of this good book) when we got to this part near the end:

“It was a terrible battle. The most dreadful of all Bilbo’s experiences, and the one which at the time he hated the most — which is to say it was the one he was most proud of, and most fond of recalling long afterwards, although he was quite unimportant in it.”

And isn’t that the truth? The times that are most challenging to us and most scary are the times we end up looking back on with pride in our accomplishment. When I think of the some of the most difficult times I’ve faced in my life — selling books door-to-door one summer in college, studying abroad in England, going for my PhD, giving birth to and raising a child, moving 3,000 miles away to New England where we knew nobody to start a job as a professor, and traveling 10,000 miles by car across America with my son this past summer — yes, it is these times, and more like them, that I look on with the highest sense of accomplishment.

And like Bilbo, I’m sure that the part I will play in this “battle” is pretty minimal. I will be there to keep an eye on the engineers, and I’m sure I’ll wish I had “Gandalf” around to conjure a spell from time to time. But other than observing, recording, and asking a lot of questions, I suspect I’ll give relatively little and gain much from what is to come.

I wish all of the Project participants in our “expedition” a great service-learning experience full of challenges overcome and expectations exceeded, with a heaping spoonful of good cheer and companionship and a deep sense of fulfillment for a job well done. May we all feel proud of ourselves when we come home again at the journey’s end.

And along the way, my friends, please stop by from time to time and see what news I am able to send your way!

2 Responses

  1. I just happen to be on the Internet at this late hour, my daughter finally in bed, and I am playing with my e-book reader. However, I have also been reading The Hobbit this evening, and am starting to enjoy it.

    I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip. I will be checking for updates as always.

  2. I am so glad you are enjoying reading The Hobbit. I left for Peru with about ten pages left, darn it! But today, now that I’m home, I read the ending, and it felt somehow fitting that I should do so after coming home again. Anyway, I am happy you are having a good read. šŸ™‚

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