Home Again, Home Again

Top ten things I most love about being home after my 17 day trip to rural Peru…

(1) running water, i.e., plumbing
(2) a flushable toilet with toilet seat actually attached and that I can SIT ON!
(3) hot water from the tap that I can use to wash my hands without needing hand sanitizer afterwards
(4) hot shower with water that can accidentally slip into my mouth without me worrying about dying a painful death
(5) a clean and pettable doggie — no fleas or mange
(6) electric lights whenever I want to see something — no fumblling for my headlamp necessary!
(7) a fridge filled with food that makes my body healthy
(8) a car that I can get in and drive where I need to go when I need to go
(9) roads that are paved and have working traffic lights and other cars that mostly obey traffic rules
(10) a TERRIFIC HUSBAND AND SON waiting for me at the airport!!

Glad I went, but it’s great to be home, too! More later when I get settled back in.


7 Responses

  1. You ranked your husband and son under Massachusetts roads?

  2. Saved the best for last, of course!!

  3. Welcome back! What an adventure for you. And what a difference you’ve made to so many lives.

  4. Thanks, tbird! I sure hope our work is helpful. Certainly we tried!

  5. I can’t believe that time went so fast. So glad you’re home safe and sound. It’s amazing how a trip like that can make you appreciate so many things we otherwise take for granted. LOL.

    I also can’t believe you were away, and were better about writing all the time than I was. You just killed all my excuses! LOL.

  6. welcome back! i look forward to reading more about your experiences. i still haven’t finished The Hobbit, though I’m enjoying it when I have the time to read.

  7. ladybeams: Yes, it seems now like a dream to have been gone so long, but frankly when I was there it felt like it would never end! Blogging was my lifeline in an experience that would have otherwise been utterly alien to me!

    strugglingwriter: Ah, I envy you getting to read that tale for the first time. So fresh and exciting! But it’s good upon rereading, too.

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