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I Want a Change: My Endorsement for the Presidential Nomination

I’ve never expressed political opinions on this blog, and I do not plan to make this space a stumping ground in future. In light of tomorrow’s historic primary voting, however, I have decided to endorse a candidate publically. As a woman, I wish I could endorse Hilary Clinton, but I can’t. I am endorsing and voting for Barack Obama both because I do not see Clinton as a viable candidate (she will unite conservatives in red states like none other) and because I believe Obama would be good for our country.

Why I am voting for Obama: (1) He is very intelligent. I am sick to death of the anti-intellectualism in this country. It’s good to be smart, and we should be electing our best and brightest to the highest public office of this great country. (2) He is clearly anti-war and has managed to avoid using the same old language of fear that I see almost everyone else employing in this campaign. I’m sick of fear being the motivator. I want hope and reason to guide us. (3) He is inspiring in the way that truly great leaders need to be. Have you ever really listened to him speak? Have you seen the look on people’s faces? This man is offering a chance to bring people together to change the course of our nation, and since I think we are going down a pretty dangerous and destructive path right now, I want that change.

There are other reasons, but these are enough for me. This morning, I discovered this video about Obama. It isn’t a list of his policy recommendations (those ARE available on his website and in articles if folks are interested in reading more), but it does highlight the positive message of Obama’s campaign. Take a look and by all means VOTE!

7 Responses

  1. Sorry, I just don’t see it. I hear people comparing him to JFK and Bobby Kennedy but I was around during that period of time. Hillary is more like JFK, he was a hard worker that keep on even when he failed. Obama talks a good talk but he really hasn’t walked the walk. He’s says he will talk to everybody, great that is a good thing, but sometimes you have to use the power to get things done and if he gives that power away before he even gets started he is putting limits on the power of the office. I haven’t heard him give anything more than platitudes. It’s not enough to have charisma, Republicans though George W. had that. Obama reminds me of the way George W. ran and the things he said. Go back and listen or read some of his speeches. The press liked him too, and look where it got us.

  2. Hmm. Can’t see the comparison with W. That seems like a stretch. Not sure what you mean about Obama not walking the walk, either. He has a distinguished record of accomplishments, and this record is available for the public to see. Also, I don’t see the logic of how his saying he will talk to everyone means he is giving away power. This seems like an assumption based on the politics of fear.

    In any case, I will say that Hilary Clinton is an acceptable candidate. While she is not my top choice for a number of reasons, I am not really going into what I have against her. I am trying to remember that either Obama or Clinton WILL win the nomination, and I want to be careful to make it clear that either of these candidates wins my support over the Republican nominee.

  3. I know politics is not one of your messages here on this blog, but good for you, for speaking out – in whatever forum. I always thought that if Hillary ran, I would vote for her, but I can’t. Yes, I can, vote for Obama, and will.

  4. There is an article here that is very well written that you might find interesting. It questions whether or not Obama is being set up by the media.

  5. HI, Linda. Yes, I understand the feeling!

    Loopyloo — I checked out that site you mentioned. Interesting site: working to expose W’s coup…? I think the main problem I have with that article is that it’s trying to say that Obama MIGHT be raked over the coals later by the media. Well, that is certain to happen — no conspiracy theory needed to predict that outcome. Just because Hilary Clinton has been vetted does not mean that she is not going to be raked over the coals, too, though. My perception is that there is a lot of vitriol out there, especially in red states, about her. I just don’t think she can win — people really hate her with a fervor I haven’t seen in a long time in politics. At least with Obama I feel like there’s a chance. And as for the claim that conservatives will be using race against him, well, I think that sort of thing can back fire big time. We shall see.

  6. I would like a few things changed before I have confindence in America’s system of electing leaders. First, no parties. I’m tired of people being bitter enemies just because of party affiliation. It is childish and dangerous. This process of election about people and what they believe as a prospective leader. We don’t need rules of parties to go by; we need open minds with better ideas to help our nation.
    Second, I would like to see the electoral college well-covered. It seems they are invisible to ‘we the people’, but that invisible entity elects the leader, not us. If an electoral body is bound to elect our country’s leader, then they should be the most visible, scrutinized and questioned body throughout the election process to insure we, all of us, are heard with our individual votes and we are confident in our system’s fairness.
    Until the day comes when these things are addressed I remain very discouraged and doubtful of our future. Politics remains (in my opinion) one of the most megalomaniacal, corrupt careers one can undertake. And the good ones, with good hearts and intentions never make it long.

  7. Hi, Stumpar,

    I have to say that I share much of your pessimism. I heard a talk recently about the rise of fascism in the twentieth century and the disturbing signs that America may be headed in that direction. I think we need to be vigilant and to speak openly about our concerns. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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