Ten Joys to Chase Away February Blahs

Montessori Mama posted ten joys that chase away the February blahs, and she invited others to do the same. (She got the idea from Soule Mama.)

My ten Feb. faves:

1. Snow. I grew up in California and still think snow is utterly and completely miraculous.

2. Reading a good book under warm covers. I love to read, but do less of it when it’s hot weather.

3. Watching the lunar eclipse with my son (see my post from Feb. 21!)

4. Warm, soft Westie dog on my lap.

5. Digital cameras… really the coolest tech invention in a long time.

6. Reading The Lorax to kids at my UU chruch as a part of our “to Nature we are connected” programming. We are working with the kids to teach about waste and over-consumption, to help them see the need to not just recycle but also REDUCE and REUSE.

7. Snowshoeing. How COOL is that??

8. Twinkly white lights on our bush that I haven’t had the heart to take down yet from Christmas.

9. My son still giving me hugs and blowing me kisses though he’s already ten (how did the time go by so fast?)

10. Banana bread. It’s just plain yummy, and I don’t make it in hot weather either.


5 Responses

  1. I LOVE banana bread. I must admit though, I cheat. I use yellow cake mix. All I need is the cake mix, 3 eggs, the bananas and some vanilla. Voila! Two loaves are usually gone within a 24 hour period around here.

    Snow is more like slush for us anymore. We don’t get to savor the newness for very long. But I still think it’s beautiful when we do get it.

  2. this is all cool. i grew up in pennsylvania (still here) and still love a newly fallen snow. we just had a new snowstorm today in fact.

  3. T-Bird: I’ll have to post my recipe. It’s not as easy as yours but truly delicious (and supposedly healthy).

    struggling writer: Yeh, we got hit with about 8 inches yesterday. My husband and son are out shoveling snow right now πŸ™‚

  4. With a son still hugging and blowing you kisses, who needs the other nine!?

  5. Yup! Ain’t that the truth πŸ™‚

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