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War, God, and Country…oh, and Teletubbies, too

I just had to pass along the joy, folks. Thanks to Martin Danahay, subscriber to VICTORIA listserv (a scholarly forum devoted to Victorian studies) for drawing our attention to this YouTube video: “The Teletubby Uprising of 1883.”

What can I say? Such a timely piece. So insightful. So poignant. If only President Bush could just view this film, I’m certain he’d be pulling troops out of Iraq by sundown.

(Note: The film is a bit long, but well worth it. After about five minutes, I was in stitches … er, I mean crying like a baby. The horror. The HORROR!)

I can’t wait to show this to my students next time I cover British Imperialism in my literature survey course. Does this count as creative non-fiction? Maybe I could show it in my writing class. Ah, and there’s a “Kipling poem” in it. Hmmm. That means it’s pertinent to my Intro to Poetry class, too. Hey, I just took care of three classes’ lesson plans. Yippee!

4 Responses

  1. I couldn’t make it the whole way through because the teletubbies scare me so much, but this is still awesome and very well done.

  2. Ah, I was afraid of that — about 5 minutes in, they decapitate LaLa and put the head on a pike! You might just skip ahead a bit…. No reason to fear them — after all, the British Imperial army has defeated them.

  3. This is a riot. Going to send it to my BF’s grandkids. My mother watches them too, but I’m afraid this would break her heart. I’m only sharing on a “need-to-know” basis. LOL.

  4. LOL!! Yeh, need-to-know. Got it. 🙂

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