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Lost and Found

It’s that time of year at school when the voluminous mounds of lost and found items are presented on a couple of tables in the hallway for parents to sift through in our spare hours.

Ah, here is the mysteriously disappearing royal blue windbreaker that simply vanished out of my son’s locker one day. Did it walk off to join the party in the lost and found bin? Was it mad at my son for dragging it along the ground after recess? Was it teaching him a lesson? Because most certainly he did NOT lose it himself.

At least it has been recovered just in time for the rainy season in New England! There it was the other day — right on that lost and found table. How on earth it could have materialized there, one might well wonder!!

The funny thing is that there is also an orange polartec pullover from LLBean in my son’s size that I could swear is his…yet I just can’t remember. Did he used to have one like this and now I am merely remembering the old one? Did I buy him this at Christmas and now forget? Was it a hand-me-down? Am I merely wishing it were his because it’s in nice shape and would fit him?

So I check the table every day to see if anyone has yet claimed it. I mean, honestly, if people can’t keep track of their clothes, they don’t deserve to keep them… 🙂

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