This weekend my friend gave me some advice. Breathe. She said breathe in and then out and then in again and out, and just do that on and on for five minutes. Hmm. Breathing is easy, right?

Turns out there are different ways to do this…

(1) While you breathe in, say in your mind one phrase and then while you breathe out say another. This is that mantra thingey. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated or foreign. You can say whatever you need to put in your head. Just pick something positive, short, and empowering.


(2) Try to get your breathing as smooth as possible. Inevitably there is that small jerk at the transition between breathing out and in and vice-versa. Can you smooth this out completely?


(3) Count as you breathe. If you want to gain energy, breathe in longer then out less time (that is, in to the count of 4 or 5 and out to the count of 3). If you want to get in a more relaxed state, do the opposite and extend the breathing out portion of the cycle.

She said that EVERYBODY has five minutes to do this, and the people who say they don’t have five minutes are the ones who most need it! I invite you to take five minutes right now and breathe. Oh, and I’d be really interested to know which method you tried and how it felt…


2 Responses

  1. Hi! I found your blog via Kitty’s (who recently posted those amazing pics of the now missing ducks).

    I’ve said before that some of the very best advice I’ve ever gotten is: breathe. I hadn’t heard the idea of smoothing out the transition between inhaling & exhaling. It’s a good one – thank you! I feel so relaxed from just a couple breaths.

    Oh- if you stop by my blog, don’t be confused, Kitty and I coincidentally “dress alike” (have the same wordpress template). When I first saw her page, I thought, “Who’s been adding content to my blog?”

  2. Glad the breathing break was good. I’m trying to remember to do this A LOT these days. 🙂

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