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Hobbes; or, On Tigers and Boys

As requested by struggling writer, I am posting about my son’s stuffed animal, Hobbes, today. Here is a picture of him (Hobbes, not struggling writer!) in the back seat, where I tossed him Tuesday when I was rushing to go see vomit-boy at overnight camp. Since I never actually made it to camp (see yesterday’s post), Hobbes is still in the back seat, awaiting his boy’s return this afternoon.

Of course, he named the tiger after Hobbes from the popular comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. One Christmas (was it two or three or even four years ago…?) my in-laws gave him a complete set of Calvin and Hobbes. It’s a set of three massive oversized books (I thoroughly recommend this set as a special gift for kids). I recall many times seeing him trying to maneuver these books into his lap to read comfortably. Now that he’s bigger it’s easier, and he still goes on Calvin and Hobbes binges. He’s also moved onto the Far Side now, though he does not own a comparable set, only second-hand and much smaller books.

Clearly my son wants to be Calvin.

He isn’t.

My child is far too concerned about what other people, especially parents and other adults of note, think of his behavior to act up the way Calvin does. But reading the comic strip gives him, undoubtedly, a chance to live vicariously through the little rebel boy and his wily tiger. Here, Here!!! Everyone needs such opportunities, right? And isn’t that one of the greatest things about reading — to get the chance to live other lives and see other places and experience other times, all through exercising our imaginations?

I can’t wait to pick my son up from school today. Hobbes is pretty excited, too. I caught him doing flips earlier when he thought I wasn’t looking.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for the picture. I needed the smile. Hobbes is very cute.

    I have such fond memories of Calvin and Hobbes as well as The Far Side. I loved how they had that cardboard box “The Transmorgrafier”. I also loved the strips where Calvin made the demented snowmen.

    “Hobbes is pretty excited, too. I caught him doing flips earlier when he thought I wasn’t looking.” 🙂

  2. Thanks for the idea of posting a picture — I’m still getting used to being able to do that!

    I love the snowmen, too. Scary!!

  3. Nice clear photo of Hobbes, really good considering you say you’re not that experienced with images. I’m not surprised by our son’s love of Calvin & Hobbes the comic strip. In my opinion it was one of the best strips ever, and short- lived, having a run of only ten years. For 15 years I taught an interactive library and school program called “Cartooning for Kids” and when I mentioned C&H, the 6 to 12 year olds always cheered.
    Jim Sizemore

  4. Thanks, Jim. Funny thing is I took my picture with my cell phone camera!

    I agree about C & H being an excellent strip. No wonder kids and adults, alike, love it!

    Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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