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Tracing my Family’s Roots: My Trip to the Old Country

Did I mention I’m going to Sweden and Norway in less than three weeks to find my roots?

Yeh, well, I am. I’ve been planning the trip for months — it’s meant to help fill in the gaps in Grandma’s first chapter: “The Old Country.” I’m very excited about going and have been working frantically the last couple of days to finalize details that I had not taken care of earlier. My friend, W., is going with me, lor’ bless her!

Anyway, when we are there, I will be meeting my long-lost cousins in Sweden. Actually, they are not lost, technically speaking, since it was MY branch of the family that left the homeland! I contacted them via email as soon as I met a distant cousin for the first time and discovered that she had tracked down these good people. Nobody in my grandmother’s family knew of them or how to reach them, so this is really exciting.

These cousins made a reservation for us at a local hotel in their little town. I don’t know the hotel name, but I’ve been searching the internet for lots of other info and found what I think is the hotel. I used that wacky translator feature on google to read the website and LOL! That translator creates some funny phrases. Here are some to make you smile:

Under “Rooms” we find the following:

We have 31 rooms that can take up to 66 people, the hotel is newly renovated 2005, so the rooms are fresh.
But for us is not fresh rooms and comfortable beds enough …

When you live with us, you have access to broadband and lånedator, we have also kettles, coffee, tea, mineral water and a chokladbit in rooms which are part of our guests when they arrive. These things are natural to us that they will be available for your välfinnande.

Under “Activities” we find the following:

Take the opportunity to dream up something that förgyller time for us to the edge.
We have many activities to choose from that fit old as the young, boy or girl, CEO or employee.
Put the head in place through a variety of 5 or 10 – or struggles rid catch up in Iceland in a beautiful environment

We can offer different packages for your conference or kick-off.

  • Wine tasting
  • Whisky tastings (Single Malt)
  • Golftävlingar, greenfree or putting contests
  • Canoe trip on nossan with food in the open
  • Segelflygning if weather permits
  • Different 5 or 10 struggles
  • Vikingafest with contemporary get-up and grisbuffé
  • Blombindning
  • Pausgympa, learn how to streamline your work
  • Various speakers
  • Fishing trips on Sämsjön
  • Riding on Icelandic natural beauty
  • Crosscart
  • Bowling
  • Different bus with cultural and historical elements such as in Arn’s footsteps
  • Health on the farm and see how milk comes into existence.

5 Responses

  1. Please God, let the weather be good. Because I have GOT to find out what “Segelflygning” is.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  2. How exciting, WGB. Will you be posting photos here? I hope so, I’d really look forward to seeing them.

    Years ago my now dead grandma visited Sweden, her mother’s birthplace, and had a wonderful time. She stayed with relatives she was meeting for the first time, which seemed unusual to me, but apparently the family had kept in contact by mail somehow.

  3. Hi, Ginny! Yeh, even if the weather is awful, I’ll probably get some chokladbit in my room, though. 🙂

    Katie: You bet, I plan to post as often as possible while on the trip just as I did on the Peru trip. Pictures either during or after, for sure. I’ll be posting a bit more about my trip as the date of departure comes closer, too.

  4. How exciting! I look forward to reading your travel jounrals to be posted on your blog. Wish also that you’d find what you’re looking for, and much more…

  5. Thanks, Arti! Yes, I am sure I will find what I need, which is mostly to get a better sense of place for the chapters on the Old Country. I look forward to posting about my adventure.

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