New Laptop, New Blog Design…

My college Dean scraped together some funds from the end of this fiscal year budget to buy me a replacement for my 2001 laptop. I’ve now got a lovely, WIRELESS mac that enables me to blog from anywhere in the house (or other places, for that matter). This is especially important because my desktop model is in our den, which is also a spare bedroom. Unfortunately, the wiring in our house is set up so that electricity use is severely limited in the bedrooms or the circuit breaker gets tripped and the power shuts off and we have to trek down to the basement to flip the switch back on.

We can’t turn on the computer if any fans are running upstairs. We can’t turn on the computer if the air conditioner or furnace are on. And sometimes when I think all major appliances are off and it’s safe to turn on my machine, wham, off goes the circuit again. NOT time to write, it seems to say.

Ah, but I plagued by this problem no longer. Nope. I’ve got me a handy little wireless laptop. And in honor of my new machine, I am changing the look of my blog, too. For a long time I’ve been annoyed with how far the blogroll appears down the screen because I have so many categories for my posts. Now, with this new three column design, my blogroll is on the right and categories on the left.

I may customize this (if that’s even possible).

I may also change the design again. Just to confuse everyone. Meanwhile, I hope you like my new outfit….


5 Responses

  1. We need to see pictures of the new Mac πŸ™‚ I’m jealous!

  2. To paraphrase Shakespeare, What’s in a new blog design, by any other outfit is just as sweet.

    We love your new “outfit” too by the way, but it’s the great heart we see and love more. Congratulations and blessings to you always.

  3. Thanks, Bong! That is such a lovely sentiment. You made me smile. πŸ™‚

  4. Congrats on the new laptop. They come in sooo handy.
    I like the new look of your blog. I might have to steal your idea of going to 3 columns. I hate the way everything goes down one side on the blog I have at blogger.

  5. Yeh, I think it was hard for people to find my blogroll before…

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