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Nana is Coming, Nana is Coming: The Power of Writing, part 2

Just found out that my son’s letter to his grandmother “worked.” Nana is coming to visit for a week while I’m away in Scandinavia. As my husband finished up the conversation on the phone with Nana, my son whispered to me, “I CONVINCED her, Mommy!” Ah, the power of writing.

After we got off the phone, he was so shocked to discover that she had no plans to visit us until he wrote her that letter. “Really?” he asked wide-eyed. Seriously. Writing is a powerful tool. “Cool.”

Got a deadline for an article due tomorrow, so I can’t dawdle in the blogosphere. Just wanted to say it again. Writing can make a difference. The more chances we give ourselves and our children to experience that power, the better.

Oh, … and Nana, if you read this, THANK you! My child is so utterly and completely thrilled. Sorry that I won’t get to see you myself, but I’ll be resting easier knowing Nana is there watching over my guys.

4 Responses

  1. Awww, that’s so sweet!

    Writing does make a difference. I’ve got a cousin who writes to every company that makes her feel cheated. Like if a product doesn’t work. She always gets either her money back or some free stuff.

    That’s good that his nana will be there while you are away. I had my mother in law come last year to be here while i was out of the country. My husband could have done it alone, but it’s always good to have back up.
    Have a great trip to scandinavia.

  2. Yes, certainly my husband COULD manage on his own. He did so when I went to Peru in Jan. But it will be SO much better this time with Nana around.

    That’s great about your cousin. So few people really exercise their power as consumers to effect change. Yet why not? Amazing what can be accomplished.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. That is so great!

  4. Hi webmaster!

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