A few Pixs from Northern Norway

Wish I could put up the photos I took of the relatives, but I do not have their permission, so I’m sticking to scenes of great natural or urban beauty/interest and strangers, who are in my picture by virtue of being in the right place at the right time. 🙂 For now, I’m just putting in a few pictures from the Norway part of the trip. I’ll upload more later, but these were handy!

The island of Landegode is a well-known landmark in the Bodø area (northern Norway). Here is a view as seen from the mountain above the neighborhood of Rønvik (where my grandma’s grandma herded cows as a youngster):

Looking a different direction from that same mountainside viewing spot, you can see these lovely peaks. There are a lot of such snow-capped beauties (yes, snow in July) all around the area:

We visited an old home near where my family used to live in the villages of Kløkstad and Skau. The traditional colors for houses were this ocre, a brick red, or white (if you had money). We were lucky enough to get to visit this house and see the inside as well as the outside. Charming and cosy!


4 Responses

  1. Great pics. I like the last one the best. Very charming and cosy as you said.

  2. Yup. This is the one where they left the key in the door (literally) so we could let ourselves in!

  3. Pretty photos.
    I’ve always wanted to visit Norway. My best friend grew up there, but lives in the UK now. A few weeks ago, she, her son, and his wife went back for a visit and they all decided to move back to Norway.

    I didn’t realize you were Norge. You get bonus points today just for that. If you’ve ever made or had kransekake, they double. (I have the recipe on my blog with pics if not.)

  4. Hey, Kitty,

    Yeh, I’m norge (and svenska, italian, English, Irish….) But I do identify with the Norwegian and Swedish part of the my family more than any other. I can so understand why someone, after returning for a visit, would say, ah heck let’s move back….. I would wonder why they ever left! It’s so amazingly gorgeous there. I would gladly live there, at least for a year. Maybe that will even happen one day…

    Have not MADE kranekakke but have eaten it. Yum. Glad you have a recipe on your site. MUST try it out. Thanks. 🙂

    Our family was big on lefse and rømmegrot, so those are the recipes I’ve posted on my site….

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