On Gratitude … and Lemons

While waiting in the foyer of my son’s school to pick him up this afternoon, some of the children’s art on the wall caught my eye.  I didn’t have a camera with me, so please excuse the less than ideal quality of the pictures I took with my phone camera.  But these were just too precious not to share with y’all in this season of giving thanks.

First off, there’s Ava, whose wonderful love of citrus first caught my attention.


Who ISN’T thankful for lemons, honestly?!

And then there’s Jordan…


… who loves ALL pie. I think I’m pretty open-minded, but, man, that takes the cake. 😉

Next we hear from Amanda:


I’ll bet Caroline and Victoria are glad they rate above cornbread, though who can blame Amanda?  Cornbread IS tasty.

Finally, since this applies to YOU all, I include this message from Erin…


Thanks, Erin.  You’re a sweetheart.  Don’t hate us too much when you find out how much we’ve screwed up your beloved world.  We’re trying to fix our mistakes now.

What are YOU all thankful for?

4 Responses

  1. What inspiring thoughts! I’m thankful that we can freely express, to read and to write, and that though we may see things from different perspectives, we can still share our thoughts and feelings in the community of our blogosphere.

  2. Yeh, blogs really are a nice tool. My students who tried out blogging this semester have found that they rather like it, mostly.

  3. Those are lovely, WGB. I’m thankful for children, art, and that you’re back at blogging! I’ve missed reading you here…I’m very thankful for the outcome of this last election in these hard times. Maybe we adults have a prayer of amending some of our mistakes, after all.

  4. Thanks, Katie. It feels good to be out from under my grading enough to be ABLE to blog more often!!

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