And now he can see…

So we picked up my son’s glasses Friday night, and at first he was elated.  “I can SEE!” He kept sliding the glasses up and down the bridge of his nose. “I can’t read that sign.  Now I CAN.  Now I can’t see that …. Now I can.”

Next thing he said was, “Hey, did you guys [speaking to the store lady] know that the bottom of your door there is really smudged?”  I swallowed a big ole LOL at that one.  The lady looked mortified.

All the way through the mall and back out to the car, I heard all about what he could see.  “Hey, I can read that store name over there.  Those clothes are 70% off.” And once outside a big whoop and a “Whoa, I can see the berries on that TREE!!! The bare branches are beautiful against the sky.  They’re so detailed.”

He was positively gleeful and read the road signs to me all the way home, including the one that said do not pass.  “MOM, it said do not pass!  What are you doing?!”

“Honey, that means do not swing out of your lane in order to pass cars in front of you.  I’m not crossing the solid line at all.”

“Oh, I thought it meant do not pass the sign….”

Then we arrived at home, and in the driveway it was, “I can see Maggie through the window.  Ah, man, she’s so cute!”

Oh, yes, I was all smiles.  WHO wouldn’t be?  He was such a cutie-pie, so grateful for the gift of sight, so appreciative that he had glasses (instead of whining about it).  Then we walked in the house.

“Hey, Mom, the carpet is filthy!”

Hmmm.  I guess it’s good he can see that now.  No amount of my nagging seems to get through to him about not tracking mud in the house, so perhaps 20/20 vision will help.  No excuses anymore.

Anyway, he looks so much more grownup in the glasses.  He doesn’t want his picture taken at this point, but maybe I’ll photograph the specs alone….  The thing is that he looks very intelligent and mature in this pair, though not overly so.  They are kids’ glasses to be sure, bought in the kids’ section at the store.  But they are pretty stylish and unique, in an understated way.  He’s got good taste.

Looking at him this afternoon as he explained his latest achievement in Spore (his video game that he saved for four months to buy), I kept being blown away by how time has flitted away.  I can see that he is gaining in confidence and independence with every passing day. And I’m so glad that he is doing well.  Just seems like it went by awfully fast….


2 Responses

  1. That’s great!

    I remember when I first got glasses. I remember remarking how “bright” everything seemed to look.

  2. I remember just noticing the individual leaves on trees. I think I had somehow not realized those blurry masses of green were all little leaves!

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