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Happy New Year!

Twenty minutes to the big count down.  I’m hanging out in the livingroom with our dog while my son and his friend — here for a New Year’s sleepover — are in the basement watching a movie. Said parents and little brother have gone home, leaving their sweet girl to hang out with my Bubby.  They are pals.  What a nice New Year’s Eve for us all.

I wish every year could be this simple for him….

For now, I’m just grateful for friendships, for a warm puppy in my lap, for an automatic dishwasher taking care of the dinner plates, for scented soy candles ablaze on a shelf, for sparkling LED Christmas lights on a still supple and green tree, for my health, for my job, for our nice little house, for the snow outside, for freezable leftover refried beans and Mexican rice from our feast, for the lazy day I expect to enjoy tomorrow, for completing my work thing that was buggin me and that needed to be done THIS year, and for my husband who is spending the last few minutes of his year trying to fix my other computer, Lord bless him!

I got the almond in my rice pudding in the Christmas feast this year.  So I get the luck.  Feels like that luck started long ago!  How much better can it get??

I bought seven lottery tickets today, one for each person at dinner.  Then I totally forgot to give them out.  I guess I’ll have to pass them out when we bring back Bubby’s friend tomorrow.  Oops!  Ah, well, tomorrow we shall see who else is lucky! 🙂

2 Responses

  1. Happy New Year. You will all be winners at dinner, I’m sure.

  2. Actually, I FORGOT to pass out the tickets! Whata dork. 😉

    The next day when sleepover guest’s mom came, we tried our luck, but nobody won. Missed the moment, I’m sure. SOMEONE definitely would have won if we had done is on New Year’s Eve, as intended…

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