Tuesday, 11:22 p.m., week two

So far I am not yet really behind in my teaching/grading for the spring term.  That is an improvement over last semester when I was behind before I began and never caught up until Christmas Eve.  Ah, but this term is different.  I have found the answer this week number two.

In my husband’s words, texted to me the other day after I had been up til 2 a.m. but had a splendid day teaching (go figure), “You found the answer.  Never sleep!”

So here I sit in with my laptop, having just updated my on-line poetry course materials, sent that class an email, checked the Discussion Board (how could there already be almost three hundred posts?)  And I am trying to decide whether to tackle updating my lesson plan on Dryden’s literary criticism or go to bed.

And then… a noise, a clanking.  Hmm.  Pause.

Again a little quieter.  Oh, my son has knocked something over in his room as he sleeps, something harmless.  Typing begins again.  Hmmm.  Should I tackle Dryden or can I wing it at ten a.m. after … how much sleep will I get if I go to bed now?  Maybe I should get up at 4:30 again tomorrow.  Worked today…

Then … a different sound.

My son is singing in his sleep.

I’ll let him serenade me and turn off the light.



7 Responses

  1. Son singing in his sleep? So cool.

    I had a monster of a time getting my daughter to sleep last night because she had a daytime nap. I read a million books before she finally fell asleep. Including Care Bears twice!


  2. Ah, Care Bears once is too many…! Just kidding.

  3. No sleep – I must try that one and see if it works for me!

  4. IF ONLY it could be kept up! Aye, there’s the rub!

  5. The thought of him singing in his sleep – so beautiful. (I went the other way, thinking maybe if I got tons of sleep, I’d be more productive. Wrong.)

  6. Just wanted to say a quick “God Bless You” for being a teacher. It’s kind of a fine line between too much and too little on the sleep thing, aye?

  7. Yeh, last night I had to go to sleep before my son went to bed! He kept interrupting my nap on the couch to say, “You look tired!” No, duh!

    LOL I feel better today, though. 🙂

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