Isn’t March SPRING…?

Yeh, well, so I think Spring is coming….  March is supposed to be Spring, right?  Only not so much today.  This weekend was in the low 60s and today five inches of snow.  Hmmm.  Well, at least my son enjoyed it…


He created a bow out of some branch that came down int he last storm plus some string he found.  Thena  neighbor kid gave him one of his arrows (my son had created one of those, too, but it was pretty wobbly).  Teh thing is that with snow on the ground, archery is a lot more fun.  (1) You can see the arrow better against the white snow, and (2) It sticks into the snow much more firmly thatn th ground, so one can easily see how much one “rocks.”

So, I’ve been hunkering down lately and doing a lot of grading.  I just checked tonight and saw that I have already surpassed the total number of posts to my on-line students from all of last semester by about 30% and it is only midterm.  I decided they needed more attention this term, and it is paying off.  But 362 posts in six weeks is a bit much!  LOL

Other than teaching and snow, I have nothing at all to report.  I am an empty-headed writer who has no time to write right now.  Oh, wait, I almost forgot.  I’m a liar fo sure!!   An essay collection that I’ve been editing and trying to find a publisher for, let’s seee, it has been a few years…well, anyway, I secured a contract at last.  Yay!  So I guuess I have been writing.  Just not Grandma’s book.  Sigh.  But I’m happy to get our collection published at least.

And now on to that stack of Freshmen essays….


7 Responses

  1. OH, MY GOODNESS! There are typos all over the place in my post. I’m so sorry. How rude of me not to edit better. Just too doggone tired. Sorry!

  2. We didn’t have quite that big of a swing, but we did have 70 degrees this weekend and around freezing on Monday. No snow though.

    I am empty headed as a writer right now too. Not a fun feeling at all.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Paul. I hope the new bambino is doing well/ You have a better excuse than I for not writing much!!

  4. This is Dave, Linda’s husband, here. We are taking a vacation, in May, to search out some diners of the greasy spoon sort. While on our quest the LEFSE LUNATIC blog will be birthed. Looking forward to reading your critique of my amateur writing on the things of all things FOOD, LIFE and TRAVELS.

    We all must meet and boil up some spuds in your neck of the woods, or our thigh bone of the coop.


  5. Hope all is well, and that spring finally came for you!

  6. Hey, Dave, nice of you to stop by. I’m looking forward to chcking out your Lefse Lunatic blog. Sounds like a blast!

    Ginny — sorry not to be around lately. Crazy busy. This week I saw buds on the trees. I’m not sure i want to admit spring is really coming. Might jinx it!

  7. Spring is here in California. How do I know? Because Nat and I spent the day in the backyard, weed whacking (him), pulling weeds (me), gathering up the winter’s detritus into piles (him), sweeping and arranging the patio (me), and taking one of our favorite trips – to the local nursery for herbs and veggie starts (both of us). A beautiful day for both of us. My hands and arms are now marked with the allergy bumps of weed-pulling. Dave and Anna are home from their workdays, Ruby is at her other grandpa’s house for the night, and there’s a tri-tip on the barbeque. Ah, SPRING! I hope you and your family enjoy some beautiful Spring-like weather soon in your neighborhood!

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