Saved $60 but the dog hates me…

These days I’m always looking for ways to save money.  (Duh.  Who ISN’T, you say!)  Well, our dog hasn’t been to the groomers in … hmm.  When was that she last went?  All I remember from that visit was the groomer saying, “Maggie was a real brat!”  Haven’t gone back to them since.  I mean, I recognize that she is willful and does not like to be groomed, especially to have her nails cut, but honestly. to call her a “brat”?

Have you ever heard that phrase, “No bad dogs only bad owners”?  Or something like that.  Well, it is OUR fault that Maggie doesn’t like getting groomed.  She’s not used to it and it scares her and is uncomfortable.  Ah, but there are always reasons (er, excuses) for everything, right?  Like in our case, we are always wanting to save money and not get her groomed except when absolutely necessary.  We bathe her ourselves and all of that (otherwise, pee-euw!)  But when it comes to hair cuts,we figure she can go six months easy.

Only for some reason the last several months Maggie has decided to go the way of the Rastas and grow some wicked dreadlocks.  We’re talking mega-matting!  And once you go down that road, it’s really hard to go back to smooth and silky.  We try to brush her, but there is some sort of tipping point with brushing — after a certain amount of mats develop, you’re doomed. One of my former students had big, beautiful dreads but had to get rid of them when she joined the peace corps.  She said changing her hair was one of the most unpleasant things she had ever had to do, much worse than anything she faced in Africa for the two years she served there.

Anyway, so today was the day to “fix” Maggie’s fur.  She was not amused.  But I figured the best way to solve the issue was just to cut off every bit of matted fur.  I figured I’d give her what I believe they call a “puppy cut” (short all over rather than the typical Westie cut).  That way if there were spots that were REALLY short, it wouldn’t be as obvious.

Here’s what a Westie is supposed to look like…


Well, that’s pretty cute, right?  One of the ways in which those dogs are able to look like that, though, is through the development of a stiffish, wirey overcoat that helps them keep this shape and not get matted.  For some reason our Magster has still — at three years old — not developed that tough outer coat.  She is still as soft as an alpacha.

zodiac alpaca dante

Which is nice for us when we pet her and all but leads to no end to the matting problems. (Our last Westie had the same problem, by the way — never got the wire coat.  Weird coincidence?  Our vet has no idea why Maggie is still so soft and fluffy.  We met her parents and they have wire coats.  Hmmm.)  Anyway, today I decided to implement my great money-saving plan and give Magga-muffin a new do.

She hates me.

Who doesn’t hate her hair dresser when she gives you a crappy cut?  Who doesn’t blame the one with the shears when we come away with a four week bad hair fiasco?

Honestly, I tried my best, but I REALLY underestimated how much matting there was. Every time I thought I had a leg looking okay and I’d run the brush through it, yank, it caught on yet another mat.  Maggie was none too pleased and took to biting the brush after a while.  “I understand, Maggums.  This sucks.”  I didn’t call her a brat.  She’s our soft little sweetheart of a Rastafarian.

I know you must wonder what she looks like now. Not sure this picture gives you the full effect of her humiliation….


At least she was willing to go out in public!  Our good, brave Maggie-May!

10 Responses

  1. She’s still a cutie 🙂

    I would not be brave enough to cut a dog’s hair. Heck, I’m not brave enough to cut our daughter’s hair.

    Happy Birthday to you too!

  2. Ah, but the toddler’s hair matters much more than the pooch’s! Whom does Miss Maggums see, really? But your daughter must represent the family! 🙂

    Don’t let the wii take you away form writing too much, Paul. You’re just picking up steam!

  3. She had no more matting than my son does most days. 😎 She’s adorable, no matter the hairdo.

  4. Thanks, Lori, but you just couldn’t see it. What a rat’s nest! I mean Maggie’s mop, not your son’s!

    Ah, but she seems to have sort of forgiven me now. She’s sleeping on the couch intermittently watching me grade on-line study sheets. Sigh.

  5. That is a cute hair cut. If my two dogs could produce a pup, it would look just like your Maggie.

  6. I understand. I had a pomaranian I inherited from my father. I used to just get him shaved, sort of like a poodle. It was so much easier on both of us. LOL

  7. OH…Saved $60 but the dog hates me…

  8. I know you posted this a few montsh ago and I was googling a picture of a westie so my new groomer would know that he is supposed to look like a westie and not a scottie or a schnauzer. If you want the coat to be stiffer you should consider hand striping her instead of clipping her.

  9. I’m a dog groomer and I would give up my license if I destroyed a dog’s hair… I treat them like they are in a spa at my home and for half the price.. you have to be selective when choosing a groomer. 85% of animal groomers are addicted to some form of narcotic/illegal drug. I run an honest and genuine business and never let my clients leave until they are 110% satisfied.

  10. I googled “westie cut” and this came up first in the photos. I had to laugh, because I do the same thing to my dog and he, bless his heart, has no way of knowing just how bad he looks. He still carries on like a show dog in spite of his bad cut. Thanks for the laugh.

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