How to write x…

While I wouldn’t exactly say that my blog is a center of writing advice (hardly!) … from time to time I do manage to post some tips for writing. As these seem to be some of the most popular things I’ve written, I figure it’s the polite thing to do to gather this advice into a separate page so you can access it.

I’ve produced basically two kinds of writing advice posts:

(1) How to write particular genres such as

Christmas Letters

Thank You Notes

(2) Writing assignments (intended primarily for children but suitable for anyone) with advice on how to make that writing effective and how to present that material to a child:

Business Letters and follow-up post

Persuasive Argument

Credo Statement

Timed Essay Writing

2 Responses

  1. My mom made lefse without potatoes all the time. I didn’t know what potato lefse was until I graduated High School and left home. At 68 I now can eat potato lefse and like it.

  2. I also have a lefse recipe without potatoes. It has buttermilk and evaporated milk and eggs, flour, sugar \, butter, baking soda, salt and cardamon. It looks just like the potato lefse but I haven’t tried the potato recipe so I can’t compare taste. I am going to try the potatoe one next year.

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